Your value-add

Our engagements focus on your value-add


Your challenges

As a company

  • Uncoordinated, inefficient CSR engagement, heterogeneous projects not aligned with the strategic company goals & core competencies
  • CSR as “philanthropy” or voluntary activities only with intransparent economic value-add and no linkage to quality, cost improvements or corporate innovation
  • Re-active, passive compliance


As NGO & Social Entrepreneur

  • Employees and traditional structures require further development (mainly in the areas of innovation & know- ledge management, acquisitions)
  • Lack of innovative project ideas and (private) partners
  • Lack of capacities and expertise for an efficient project conceptualisation and implementation

Our services

We accompany you from analysis to the development of context-specific options, prepare your strategic decision and support their operational implementation

  • CSR: Sustainably successful with your core competencies.
  • NGO Management: Improve good practice.
  • Social Innovation & Prototyping: Conceive & pilot the new.


  • Human Capital: Shape your diamonds.
  • Project & IT Enablement: Leverage the proven.
  • Topic Leadership: Guiding experts.

Our topic and methodology experts help you with the development of your employees, processes & structures and the implementation of forward-looking innovative ideas & projects

Your results

As a company

  • „Triple Bottom Line“
  • Innovative pilot projects, processes,
    business models & partnerships
  • Value-chain optimisation
  • Organisation & staff development
  • Clear communication
your custom benefits analysis


As NGO & Social Entrepreneur

  • Transparency & competitiveness
  • Organisation & staff development
  • Organisational learning & knowledge
  • Project innovation & efficiency
  • Public private & CSR partnerships
  • Strengthened identity
your custom benefits analysis